About Me

Hi there!

My name is Jackson, and I have always wanted to be a commercial pilot. Fortunately, I am now one huge step closer to achieving this, as I am now a CTC Wings cadet on course CP141! This blog is here to help both you and I keep track of everything that goes on before, during and after my training.

I’m currently 19 and have lived in Sheffield my whole life so far. I’ve always held an interest in engineering, science and vehicles, although these interests have been mostly focused into aviation since I was quite young! However, I really knew I wanted to be a pilot after my parents gave me a flight simulator and I spent hours obsessively trying to perfect my landings – something I still do today…

About 4 years ago, I finally got my first chance to fly a plane for real, when my parents bought me a trial flying lesson for Christmas; I was so awestruck by the whole experience, my instructor had to ask if I was OK since I was entirely lost for words! Needless to say, I was bitten by the bug, and I finally earned my Private Pilot’s License in October 2014. Here is me flying my father on a sightseeing flight over Sheffield!

Wow, my hair is scruffy here...

Outside of real-world flying, I am also a huge flight simulator nerd; I primarily use X-Plane, and have spent many hours creating scenery and liveries for aircraft – you can see some of these on this blog’s sister site!

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