So, it is just one week until I move to Southampton now! Can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by, as it has been almost 5 months since my assessment day at Dibden…

Seeing as it is now so close to my starting, everything has been pretty much sorted and put into place, so I now know where I’m living and who with. I also had the excitement of visiting CTC earlier this month for Families day, where I got to meet everyone else on my course for the first time! This was very strange at first but everyone seems very friendly so I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone better – the (quite busy) 3 hours we had at CTC weren’t really enough for more than just greetings to most of the 20+ people I’ll soon be studying with. There are also quite a few members of our course from more distant places who weren’t able to make it, so I look forward to meeting them!

However, families day wasn’t all for socialising, and as I previously mentioned we were kept quite busy! First off was a presentation explaining plenty about the course, mostly for parents who hadn’t had a chance to visit a recent open day (like my own!). After that those of us actually studying at CTC were taken for an accommodation briefing which mainly established various rules and things to remember in order to keep CTC (and our future neighbours!) happy. We also had a chance to split into our house groups so we could speak more with those we would soon be living with – though only 3 of the 5 of us were there! After that was a trip to the uniform stores so we could try on everything we’ll be given to ensure it fit correctly.

Talking of houses, I also went on a walk that morning to find my future accommodation, since I found the B&B my family was in happened to be just around the corner! I won’t post photos for privacy’s sake but I can say it seems very nice – I’m sure you’ll hear more when I’ve moved in!

Back to CTC, and while we were being briefed our family members were taken on a tour of the facility, where my father got a chance to land a 737 sim! Apparently he greased the landing, but coming from him I take it with a pinch of salt… who knows though, maybe in another life he too could’ve been a pilot! They also met up with the families of my soon-to-be housemates and apparently shared many the embarrassing tale – I haven’t asked what though!

After all that, we were rounded up for a group photo session which was honestly a little chaotic, but to be fair herding around a group of several hundred people isn’t ever going to go smoothly! I am, of course, the tiny one of the group it seems – though in my defence I’m also second youngest!

CP141 – All of us!
The New Zealand half of CP141!

I’m currently packing my bags, though not for Southampton! As a Christmas present my parents are taking the family to Berlin – somewhere I’ve been desperate to visit for ages – for a few days so we can spend some time together before I go away. Once that’s done, I’ll have just a few days left to pack up all of the stuff I’ll be taking with me to Southampton! Perhaps more importantly, I must figure out how it will all fit in my tiny car – boot space is at a premium, and since I’m bringing my (oversize) PC with me things could be tight!

In any case, I will definitely make a blog post about settling in, though how soon that will be I’m not sure – it seems like I’ll be full steam ahead as soon as I get down south, but I hope I can find time! I may also make a post about my trip to Berlin as I hope to visit some interesting aviation landmarks! That may go up on the parent blog to this one though, so keep your eyes out there if you’re interested!

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish everyone a happy and exciting 2016!


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