So, it’s been a while since my last post and passing my medical. Not much I’ve really been able to do about it for the most part; right now I’m mostly just waiting around! That’s why this post is probably very short…
Perhaps the most interesting bit of news is that I now have all my textbooks for the course. To get these, you have to complete two short tests, one for maths and one for physics. These are straightforward enough and are mainly to ensure everyone is at the same standard when starting the course. Having finished these, Padpilot will send you an email with codes for all their ATPL books – 17 in total!


I’ve started reading through the principles of flight book already as it’s the first subject we’ll study, though it is slow progress as a lot of it is theoretical, behind-the-scenes stuff – not really my kind of thing!
On a slightly more irritating note, I failed my first attempt at the driving test recently, which was quite a downer as it means I have just a little less freedom while I wait to start at CTC. On the brighter side, I seem to get lucky with second attempts at things – it took two tries to get into CTC – so hopefully I’ll be driving safely soon!
Fortunately, I at least already have my PPL and so have also managed to squeeze in a couple of flights out of Netherthorpe, including my second trip out with my father! Here’s a photo he took of me grinning like a lunatic while somewhere over Sheffield!


Quite unrelated to flight training, I also got a chance to see the Vulcan flying one last time, at the end of its country-wide goodbye tour! I went with my father, but unfortunately the Vulcan was early so we weren’t able to get in a good position to have it to fly over us. However, we just managed to spot it in the distance and could roughly make out that amazing delta silhouette! This photo isn’t very good though, look for the tiny black speck…
Sadly as of last week it has been retired permanently, which is very sad news 😦


Other things I’ve been doing while waiting include working on several X-Plane related projects which can hopefully be finished before I go. I’ve also been looking for some sort of work – paid or voluntary – but haven’t had much luck with that yet! I’m looking into some travelling but not sure if I can really afford it with the expense of CTC!

Time is still somehow flying by and I’m now only 2 months from moving to Southampton! Thinking about it like that doesn’t seem so bad and the boredom of sitting around is sure to be overwhelmed with anticipation the closer I get to starting! Hopefully I’ll find out more about where exactly I’ll be living and who with in the next month, as plans get finalised and everything slots into place. And then, I’ll finally get to meet everyone in CP141 on the 18th of December, which is when we have Families day in Southampton.

By the way, if you are on CP141, please add a comment or use the contact page on this site to get in touch! It’s always nice to meet people you’ll be starting a course with in advance, and there are already a fair few of us in a Facebook chat!

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “The Wait Goes On…

  1. Hey Jackson, quite a nice read 😉

    I will also be part of CP141 and am looking forward to starting the training with you and the others. We can add each other on Facebook and maybe you can add me to the Facebook chat?




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